10 Roadblock to Success

10 Roadblocks to Overcome for Success in Life

Sacrifices has to be made and there are no shortcuts to success! The desire and focus to achieve the dreams that we are chasing will stand the test of time. My mentor once told me the bridge to success lies in our mental state to focus and the sacrifices to be patient for the right moment to arrive! That was very true in the case of Joseph Schooling. The time and moment was right to seize the opportunity.

Learn the ten roadblocks that successful people consistently avoids to achieve great success in their life.

NLP Sales - Selling the Steak or the Sizzle?

Changing Minds using Effective Closing Techniques with NLP

Are you or your sales people too focused on selling the steak and not the sizzle? Are you meeting many people yet not closing enough deals? Do you know more about your products than about people, more about data sheets and less about their buying blueprints? Living in this modern society, where people are more educated than before, gone are the days where you will go all out to talk people around into buying your products. Learn what exactly is consultative selling and how it can help skyrocket your sales…

9 Ways to Be Persuasive & Influential

9 Ways to Be More Persuasive and Influential – Even If You’re an Introvert

Persuasion and influence are tools that you can use and learn – but the only catch is, you have to make the commitment to develop them gradually. Unless you have a very thorough understanding of these techniques, you will be unlikely to achieve the results that you envision. Every time you talk with someone, whether it’s a casual conversation with a friend, or a high-stakes sales presentation, even chatting about your future with your significant other, you are presenting ideas and trying to convince people of their validity. If they agree with you, they will go along with your plan and help you to achieve it, whatever it may be. If they disagree, if you cannot convince them, they put up resistance and do not go along with your plan.

7 Golden Rules for Great Customer Service Excellence

7 Golden Rules for Great Customer Service Excellence

In today’s business world, the competition among corporations and small entities continue to stiffen as these entities do everything in their power to provide better goods and services. Customer service excellence is undoubtedly the most valuable fishing net that businesses do all they can to have. Let us look at ways in which we can keep this valuable asset of the company and also how to attract other customers.

How to Increase Influence and Value at Workplace

10 Ways To Increase Your Influence And Value At Work

Having influence in a team setting will allow you to work together more efficiently. Having influence in a supervisory role will make your subordinates respect and appreciate you. Having influence in a meeting will make your arguments heard and adopted. Here are top 10 tips on how to increase influence at work in a stress-free manner.

Negotiation in Replacement of Confrontation

10 Steps to Achieving Win-Wins with Effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are often the desired ability for most of the job offers. However, to negotiate one must possess several skills such as excellent interpersonal skills, communication skills, and soft skills. Following a structured ten steps approach to any negotiation can lead to the desirable outcome that pleases all parties.

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