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Corporate Training by Professional Trainer

Training in this new age and generation is a buzzword. Many have gone through various trainings through seminars and workshops and some have picked up valuable skills to apply at their workplace or in the personal and professional lives. While some have been successful in their careers, others are not. The question people would often ask is: How can I get better at what I am doing?

You could see the difference in attitude and character after some transformation one way or another. Investment in training is one way of getting the best out of you, to perform within or even exceed expectations at the workplace or in your professional lives.

Managers invest large sums of money in training and development for their respective companies because they see it as one of the ways to increase revenue and productivity for their organizations. On the other hand, we need good trainers to deliver the training and ensure that participants are well equipped to handle situations at their workplace or at home when they put into practice what has been taught to them.

This training workshop will study the specific requirements of organizations to tailor-suit and complement their training programs and enhance their employees skill sets in this new age and generation.

Train the Trainers Workshop Outline

Module One: Introduction to Training and Practices
  • What are the requirements of organizations in a training session?
  • Getting to know the public’s perception of training requirements and specifications
  • Tools and Practices to build relationship with the Public on Training Programs

  • Training Practices and culture adopted in organizations today

Module Two: Identify Your Strengths and Capabilities
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Understanding Organization’s Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • Training as a Career and Passion in Your Life

Module Three: Establishing Your Attitude
  • Appearance Counts!
  • The Power of a Smile
  • Staying Energized
  • Staying Positive
Module Four: Planning Your Training
  • Planning Your Training Schedule
  • Planning to Conduct Public Event/Workshop/Seminar
  • Planning your PowerPoint slides/Training Workbook/Training Highlights/Training Models and Techniques
  • Techniques to enhance your credibility as a Trainer
  • Preparing for the Training

Module Five: Training Delivery
  • Building Rapport with the Participants
  • Preparing the Room Setup-Your Audio Visuals, PowerPoint Slides, Flip Charts, Training Agenda and testing the equipment
  • Techniques to remain confident
  • Cultivating a “Feel Good Factor” with the participants
  • Break the Ice Games
  • Presenting Models, Reinforcing what participants will learn and take-away from the workshop
  • Evaluation during break times-What went well, areas to work and improve on
  • Conducting Exercises, Project Work and Case Studies for the participants to work on and reinforce the learning lessons
Module Six: Putting All into Practice
  • Project Work-Trainees to present a project on a topic and present it as a trainer on stage
  • Trainer’s Feedback and Evaluation

Module Seven: Training Evaluation and Post Training Feedback
  • Preparing the Evaluation Form for the participants
  • How to handle Question and Answer Sessions (Q&A session)
  • Insights on what the participants learnt and could apply at their workplace or professional lives with immediate effect
  • Post Evaluation Training Delivery

Module Eight: Wrapping Up
  • Reflections and Insights on all the above modules
  • Question and Answer sessions with the Trainer
  • Evaluation and Feedback

Training Methodology

  1. Demonstration by the Trainer on the various techniques to build rapport with the participants
  2. Techniques to Break Barriers and Communicate Effectively
  3. Role Plays and Group Dynamics
  4. Exercises on Training Models and how to apply
  5. Project Work done by the participants to acquire the knowledge and techniques to deliver your trainings and become an effective trainer

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