7 Golden Rules for Great Customer Service Excellence

7 Golden Rules for Great Customer Service Excellence

In today’s business world, the competition among corporations and small entities continue to stiffen as these entities do everything in their power to provide better goods and services.

With these advancement you can conclude that for you to survive, you need to employ totally different tactics. What makes the difference in today’s business world is customer satisfaction, in the way you handle them in terms of service delivery.

Customer service excellence is undoubtedly the most valuable fishing net that businesses do all they can to have. There is a word uttered business corridor that says “it costs you at least 6 tries more to acquire a new customer than retain the one you have”.

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Let us look at ways in which we can keep this valuable asset of the company and also how to attract other customers.

Giving & Delivering a Promise

Bill Gates Quote to Learn from Bad Customer ServiceProviding the best customer service excellence begins from the word go. It begins by you, the provider of goods and services deciding that you want to give your customers the best service.

Its not just a matter of beautifully written literature, its about you developing a service promise, setting very clear objectives on the road to achieving the goals and charging responsibilities to individuals to drive towards the road of excellence.

This way you have started a venture that could turn your company into a money making machine because you have used one stone, which is providing customer excellence to kill two birds at the same time which is retaining your loyal customers and winning other new customers.

Know Your Customer

Secondly and equally important is to Know Your Customer normally referred to as KYC. This could sound so obvious but its very key because it is through this that you will learn and know more about your customers needs.

This will allow you to draw a map plan on how you are going to satisfy each of their individual needs to the best of your ability.

A way to do this is to take a sample pf your customers, take down all their different needs and put them into segments. This will enable you to focus on each segment and be able to provide specific needs of your customers.

In addition, always remember to have an attentive ear so as to be able to monitor the customer feedback be it positive and if negative then work on it. This way you can be more than certain that the future if your company is brighter than any other.

Exceeds Customer Expectations

Now that you have knowledge of your customers needs and preferences what comes in next is to design the goods and services to meet their expectations and even go further to way above their expectations.

Ensure that your enterprise or corporation is able to exceed the customers needs.

Doing this involves having a third eye to your competitors, know what they produce, find out what their strength and weaknesses are and use that information to your advantage.

However always remember that this information is to enable you to be at the top, don’t go too far to a point where it will look like you are following, always be a leader, master the art of leading in providing the best customer service experience.

Listen to Your Customers – Good & Bad

The next step to take is to focus on customer feedback. This is very important. This information will be able to tell you how you are performing in terms of providing the best customer service experience. Use this information to improve on the areas you find faulty. This will enhance your service delivery and boost your sales further much than expected.

Work on the Teamwork

Customer service excellence is a team work venture. Its never a sole business. It is therefore key to ensure that as much as you focus much energy on providing the best goods and services to your customer, you also have an internal customer to take care of – your employees.

It is out of their hard work and dedication of these employees that, as an enterprise, you’re able to satisfy your customer needs. Your employee satisfaction is therefore vital.

The question is, how do you satisfy your employees & which are the most effective?

  • Salary increments
  • Team building
  • Education and workshops
  • Improving their working conditions
  • Special staff promotions
  • Creating a family unit in your company

Human people are emotion driven, so go right ahead make use of their happy emotions. Encourage them and build them and you’ll have something to smile at when you visit your companies bank account and your customers will be glued to you.

Keep Raising the Bar & Motive Staff to Achieve Them

You will realize that over time, if you have been doing all the right things, the demand for your goods and services will increase and in order to live up to these demands, you need to is to set down a standard of performance.

This is the only way you will be able to handle your demands timely and with a proven consistency record. For this case you need to have a specific standard. Your customer service goals should be SMART.

How to Set a SMART Goal

Being specific will allow you to focus your energies in a defined goal and it is much easier to accomplish than have a scattered thoughts.

Your standards should also be measurable; this means that you are able to measure the progress that you are making in the process of attaining your set standards. Being able to quantify and measure your staff against those key performance indicators (KPIs) are a great way to track if your organisation is on the right track to delighting your customers.

Your sets standards should be attainable as well meaning you should be able to find ways to make your set standards attained.

Your standard should also be realistic meaning that the kind of set standard you have put should represent an outcome that is attainable using the resources that are readily available at your disposal.

Performance Evaluation

The final step of providing the best customer service experience is to implement the sets standards above, which are customer driven. Therefore, every small detail left out out will have a negative impact on your organisation ability to provide the best customer service experience.

Evaluation of your performance in providing the best customer service experience is also key. You should be able to to locate both the strong and the weak points in this process.

You should work on improving on your low points that comes from the evaluation report. This is vital and given a bad performance doesn’t always mean that you are doing all wrong things, it just means that there are some points you should focus more energy than you are currently.


In conclusion, you also need to set aside some resources for research because customer needs changes rapidly and thus you will need to be on top pf the table, making the highest sales even in the toughest competitions.

Once you have all the right information then be still because you have it all, remember information is power!

About Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams is a Trainer and an Education Success Coach. He has been a public speaker and a trainer for the past 15 years and has achieved a breakthrough in training and coaching CEOs, managers, supervisors and employees of MNCs and SMEs.

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