Gustin Low Freelance Trainer

Gustin Low

freelance trainer with IML(SAFTI), ITE and Kaplan Professional

Gustin Low is a highly sought-after freelance trainer with IML(SAFTI), ITE and Kaplan Professional for training in the realms of Instructor, Train-The-Trainer, leadership people management and service excellent.

Gustin Low graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Wales. As a former commander in the RSAF, Gustin is no stranger to challenges, project professional and inspiring others. Having worked as the head of Regional Sales and Business Development for major petrol companies such as BP, ConocoPhillips and ENI, he possesses extensive business, operation, import/export and shipping knowledge and experience, complemented by a global outlook. He is also an active volunteer, helping with community work as well as initiating grassroots events under the People Association’s (PA) PAssion Arts Wing.

As an adult educator professional, he has an extensive and varied training portfolio, having facilitated with crafting and conducting training for organisations and companies such as the Singapore Armed Forces Military Institute (SAFTI MI), Institute of Technical (ITE) and Kaplan. His vast experience spans more than 15 years in the areas of training, facilitation, and sales strategic and marketing management. As an ACTA, DACE and SDAF certified Adult Educator Professional, he specialises in the delivery of courses on: Train the Trainer; Instructional Skills; Coaching Skills; OJT Blue-print; Design and Develop curriculum; Develop and construct Assessment; Leadership People management; Service Excellence; Retail management; Small business operation; Entrepreneurship, Team bonding and Salesmanship.

Possessing a strong belief in professionalism, he is well respected by his students for being a flexible and caring trainer, who caters for their unique training needs. Using innovative and creative training methods, and his bilingual capability, he is able to connect with trainees and make his lessons engaging. Through humour, real-life examples and group activities, he ensures that his lessons are not a passive experience for trainees, but rather an opportunity to form new bonds, showcase their talents and build on their personal confidence and skills.

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