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Course Overview

This two-day course will concentrate on project value delivery systems, environmental factors, and governance in project management. It will give an overview of the principles of project management and performance domains, and define portfolios, programs, and projects. This professional training course is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th edition and will provide valuable insights for participants into project management. 

Value Delivery System and Environmental Factors 

  • In this session, we will first define value and value delivery systems. Then, we will examine the internal and external environmental factors of a project. Finally, we will explore the common functions of project governance.

Project Management Principles

  • In this session we will study the 12 principles of project management: stewardship, team, stakeholders, value, systems thinking, leadership, tailoring, quality, complexity, risk, adaptability, resilience, and change.

Performance Domain – Stakeholders

  • In this session, we will first define key terms and then explore methods for effectively managing stakeholder expectations. Next, we will examine a communication plan case study and create one for a hypothetical company.

Performance Domains –Team

  • During this session, we will begin by defining essential terms. Then, we will focus on team management, starting with team leadership functions and models, with an emphasis on Servant Leadership. After that, we will explore ways to develop high-performing teams and enhance the leadership skills of team members.

Performance Domains – Development

  • In this session, we will begin by defining key terms. Then, we will discuss project cadence and explore popular project management methodologies. Finally, we will review life cycles for predictive, iterative and incremental, and adaptive projects.

Performance Domain – Planning

  • During this session, we will begin by establishing the meaning of essential terms. Then, we will delve into various planning methods for projects based on the development approach. Following that, we will discuss project delivery, estimation, schedule development, and budget. Finally, we will conclude by examining the composition and structure of the project teams composition and structure.

Performance Domain – Project Work

  • During this session, we will begin by clearly defining important terms. Next, we will explore lean project processes and discuss effective ways to lead the realization of a project. Additionally, we will examine procurement processes and strategies for monitoring new work and changes. Finally, we will discuss the importance of learning throughout the project and ways to implement a continuous learning approach.

Performance Domain – Delivery

  • In this session, we will begin by defining key terms. We will then discuss delivery of value and project deliverables. After that, we will focus on the cost of quality and cost of change, in order to avoid suboptimal outcomes.

Performance Domain – Measurement

  • During this session, we will begin by defining important terms and then delve into the topic of performance measures. We will learn how to establish effective measures and create SMART KPIs. Additionally, we will explore various methods for presenting project information. Towards the end of the session, we will discuss common measurement pitfalls, how to troubleshoot performance issues, and how to grow and improve.

Performance Domains – Uncertainty

  • In this session, we will first define key terms. Then we will explore the effects of uncertainty on project performance. We will look at general uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity,

Workshop Wrap-Up

  • Upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to ask questions and create an action plan. ask questions and fill out an action plan.

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