Speak with Confidence, Conquering Your Fears

Overcome fear of public speaking & learn to connect with your audience both emotionally & intellectually.

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Finding your voice, speaking confidently

Programme Objectives

  1. Overcome fear of public speaking
  2. Manage physical, mental and emotional states during speaking
  3. Develop clear and concise speech structures that are easily to memorize and understood
  4. Connect with your audience both emotionally & intellectually
  5. Harness your body language and voice to speak with confidence and ease
  6. Think on your feet and craft your thoughts quickly and clearly

Programme Outline

  1. Warm-up Activity
  2. Speaking Affirmation
  3. Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
    • Pair Practice: Let me tell you stories
    • Activity: The Lovely Kangaroo
    • Techniques to overcoming fear physically, mentally and emotionally
  4. Structure Your Speech
    • Techniques to opening with a BANG
    • Small group discussion and class presentation of opening your speech
    • Get to the point – 3 techniques to develop a clear and concise structure
    • Small group discussion
    • Closing with impact – 3 techniques to closing
  5. Deliver with Confidence and Ease
    • 3 components in speaking
    • Your body speaks – 5 body language tools to enrich your delivery
    • Demo in front of class
    • Discover and harness your voice power
    • Demo in front of class
  6. Internalize, not Memorize
    1. Secrets to internalize your presentation
  7. Think on Your Feet
    1. Guidelines on thinking on your feet
    2. Group practice, present and feedback with coaching assistants


Public speaking skills can only be fostered and improved by doing. This  programme is an interactive and practice-based learning experience.There will be various speaking practices, incl. pair practice, small group practice, and class practice, in a safe and fun learning environment. Participants will also receive feedback from the workshop trainer and coaching assistants.

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