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Want to learn how learn & gain a deep appreciation of your leadership style & how to transform yourself from a technical expert to people leader?

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Business coaching for leaders

About the Program

Leadership Coaching is to facilitate transformation and accelerate development.

Leadership coaching is tailored to the individual leader’s situation and needs, examples of our different coaching approaches include:

  • Transition coaching: work with leaders who are new to a role, geography, organisation or all three.
  • Career coaching: Successful organisations ensure talented individuals travel on a long and engaged journey within the organisation.
  • Technical expert to people leader: Transitioning from a technical expert to a people leader is a challenge that coaching can assist.
  • Leadership coaching: gain a deep appreciation of their leadership style and are supported to make the behavioural changes needed.
  • Coaching to embed leadership programs: Coaching is an integral component of transferring the learning of a leadership program into the workplace.

Why this course? What’s so special & unique about it?

  • Learn the different perspectives of Leadership Coaching
  • Critical Success Factors in Leadership Coaching
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of individual leadership coaching styles
  • Develop and Cultivate a Leadership Coaching Mindset for Organisational Success

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the 1 Day program, individuals will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to:

  • Interpret the leadership style and profile
  • Prepare and Conduct leadership coaching
  • Objective Setting
  • Conduct Coaching
  • Reflect on own practice to evaluate effectiveness of coaching conducted

Program Outline

MODULE 1: Determine leadership style and coaching outcome

  • Determine the attribute of leadership and related behavioral tendencies
  • Explain the definition of Coaching and code of conduct
  • Determine the learning outcomes
  • Determine the skills standards and attributes
  • Explain the learner(s) profiles
  • Apply the areas for contextualisation and performance management

MODULE  2 – Demonstrate the Coaching Skills

  • Classify the type of coaching skills
  • Demonstrate the effective communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrate the effective questioning techniques apply to the coaching process
  • Describe the type of Feedback
  • Explain the learning transfer through reflection learning
  • Determine the Coaching plan and assessment plan

MODULE  3 – Prepare and Conduct Coaching

  • Prepare for coaching session plan
  • Prepare for learner(s) and determine desired outcome for the coaching activity
  • Identify the specific characteristics and needs of learner(s)
  • Prepare pre-coaching and brief candidates on Leadership coaching
  • Establish relationship, build rapport and ease the candidates
  • Conduct Leadership coaching

Assignment: Role Play (Group in 3 -Giver, Receiver and Observer -15 mins each)

Training Methodology

Peer to Peer Learning, focus group discussion, Role-plays, Demonstration, Interactive presentation, written assignment, reflection, experience learning and evaluation practice.

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