10 Roadblock to Success

10 Roadblocks to Overcome for Success in Life

To be successful we tend to equate it with the amount of achievements we have acquired through the capabilities we possess and being at the right place and at the right time. However, success digs deeper into the meaning it has for us.

Success is moving on from failure to failure without losing any enthusiasm; the persistence to achieve something which goes beyond our imagination. Take for example, the recent success of our Olympic hero, Joseph Schooling. It was through hard work and persistence and the willingness to sacrifice some social activities to achieve the dream of being an Olympic champion!

Sacrifices has to be made and there are no shortcuts to success! The desire and focus to achieve the dreams that we are chasing will stand the test of time. My mentor once told me the bridge to success lies in our mental state to focus and the sacrifices to be patient for the right moment to arrive! That was very true in the case of Joseph Schooling. The time and moment was right to seize the opportunity.

Let us focus on why successful people consistently achieves success and how do they achieve it?  The first step for these people was to acknowledge the roadblocks that would hinder them from achieving their dreams. What are these roadblocks and how we could avoid them?

The ten roadblocks to avoid while pursuing success are as follows:

1. The Lack of Focus

While multitasking is good in a certain way, the focus and concentration of doing things one at a time, will keep us in good shape to achieve the desired outcome that we are looking for. Like they say, the focus of too many things at one time will deprive us of getting a fruitful outcome. Like they say, being a “master of all is a master of none”

2. The Lack of Urgency

Some things we could afford the luxury of taking our time to do the task but most often than not, opportunities are there to be exploited at the first instance! The tendency to take things lightly and be complacent are the worst culprits when we think of the urgency of getting some things done. While some may argue that procrastination is good in a certain extent, most often than not, we become complacent and take things for granted

3. Improper Guidance

The route to success must be planned carefully. We are always depending on our gut feelings to get us where we want to be and most often, we tend to depend on our own strengths and energies to achieve success. We need proper guidance from people who have walked the path before and who through those experiences of failures has taught them a valuable lesson of not repeating the same mistakes again

4. Unaware of the correct methods to apply

Are we applying the right methods and steps to achieve our goals? Most often, we assume that things should be achieved in a certain way or manner without knowing or applying the ropes to achieve success. We do not ask and most of the time, we depend on what we think should be the correct way to achieve our goals

5. The problem of letting go

Most of us are bogged down by the weight of persistent failures and these failures will dampen our enthusiasm to go further in our pursuit for success. We keep that “baggage” and refused to let go. The problem of letting go each time we have failed have always hindered our progress to move to the next step. The best advice to learn from failures is to let go of past failures and be more determined to move on to the next step of our planned goals

6. The problem of practising good listening skills

Practising good listening skills is the first step in our desire to be successful. The most challenging question we face is: “Are we listening enough?” Most of the time, we are self-conscious about a situation that we lack the self-awareness to practice good listening skills. The start of any successful conversation is to cultivate the habit of practicing good listening skills. Managers and employees who practice good listening skills are always happy to note that it minimises the problem of miscommunication and builds up stronger bonds and relationships with both parties

7. Recognize the efforts of others in your pursuit to be successful

Like the saying goes: “No man is an island” and most often than not we depend on our mentors and coaches to help us achieve our dreams. Joseph Schooling despite being successful in making history for Singapore, depended immensely on his parents and coaches for support and guidance in his pursuit to achieve his dreams. The tendency to take credit for oneself is a huge temptation and most of the time we ignore the people who supported and guided us to achieve our goals and dreams

8. The issue of giving up too easily

The thought of giving up too easily weighs very deep in our subconscious minds. When we encounter failure, the reaction in our minds would be: “The journey is too tough, let’s give up”. This is especially so when we have invested time and money in our pursuit for success but it has failed us not once but a few times. We then plunged into a mode of self-pity and low self- esteem and point a finger at the Universe for being unfair. If we are in a situation of feeling sorry for ourselves each time we have failed and falter, then it is difficult for us to recover and be back in our determined self again

9. Failure to plan ahead carefully

The common phrase we often hear is that if we failed to plan, we are planning to fail. This phrase has never been stronger ever since I took the step for a career change. I was hasty in making decisions, failing to realize the consequences I have put myself into ever since I took that step for a career change. I did not plan ahead and true to the saying, I made a mess of my career situation and had to face the consequences. Successful people always plan ahead and focus on their goals to achieve it

10. Lack of Confidence to Achieve Our Goals

The most common denominator that we need to avoid is the lack of confidence within ourselves to achieve something of purpose and value to us. We are so conscious of the judgement that others have on our goals and plans, that we often lack the confidence to achieve what we had originally planned for ourselves. Due to the lack of self-confidence, we frequently find ourselves being confused and facing the grave consequences of making the wrong choices and decisions which would hinder our pursuit for a successful life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On How to Achieve Success In Live

a) What are some of the things to have and consistently maintain on the route to success? Why are they important?

The question that is uppermost in our minds is: Can you tell me the recipe to succeed?

The ingredients for success begins with self-awareness. What are our plans and goals? Are we serious about it? Are we determined to achieve those plans and goals at all costs? Are we hungry for success? Do we have the appetite to maintain the consistency that is needed to achieve success?

If we strongly believe that we have what it takes to succeed based on what we have stated above, then the journey to be successful would be an encouraging one.

The ingredients for success continues with maintaining the healthy energy of not giving up when things are not going well. Just focus on the end in mind and connect all the dots together as what Steve Jobs used to say and in no time we will reach our destination of achieving success and true happiness

b) For people who feel they are already at a certain point of achievement or success in their lives, what are some of the ways that they can achieve more success?

To achieve more success, never let your guard down. The need to constantly find ways to achieve success as competition around us grows has never been greater! Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt has proven that to maintain the level of success year after year, they need to find ways to outgun their rivals. They are always working on strategies and opportunities to do things better to keep up with the level of competitiveness. The need to keep a strong mental state of mind eventhough noises made by their rivals are always strong and a hindrance to their own desire to be constantly successful. The best advice is always maintain a competitive spirit in your pursuit for success and never let your courage and competitiveness falter!

c) What is success? How does one define their own definition of success?

To some, the definition of success means the purpose and value they have sought for to live a holistic life. To others, the definition of success means achieving an ambition or a dream they have sought for a very long time and finally after all the years of preparation and hard work, they have achieved it

Whatever way you see it, there is always an intention, a purpose and a value we attached closely to our hearts and the desire to do something worthwhile and meaningful. As the 4 laws of intrinsic motivation goes, we are attracted to do something worthwhile for ourselves and the good for the community we live in and to see it grow and prosper. That is the greatest satisfaction that we can have to satisfy that longing within ourselves.

d) For people who have goals that seem impossible, what advice do you have for them? In terms of mindset and how to go about making them a reality.

The best advice for those who have goals that seem impossible is:  Be Yourself. You are the ones who is best suited to chart your own destiny and you know what your capabilities are. Go and pursue the things that you are passionate about and love doing. Success will come naturally if you pursue the things that you are passionate about and love doing!

Revisit your plans and goals. Are they achievable and realistic? Have I set too wide a target that is impossible to achieve? Where and what are my strengths and weaknesses? Are there enough opportunities for me to exploit at the right place and at the right moment? These burning questions would need to be addressed promptly and carefully as we embark on the next step of our journey to achieve our dreams of being successful.

About Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams is a Trainer and an Education Success Coach. He has been a public speaker and a trainer for the past 15 years and has achieved a breakthrough in training and coaching CEOs, managers, supervisors and employees of MNCs and SMEs.

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