Breaking the Barriers to Effective Communication

Develop strong communications and building a successful professional relationship at work.

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Team learning to break down barriers to effective communications

Effective communication is becoming an increasing concern in today’s day and age. Poor communication at work has caused an endless waste of time, stress and conflict. The purpose of this workshop is to develop strong communicators who are valuable assets to their organization and personal lives. To fulfill this aim, this program touches on the following aspects:

  • Understanding and practicing various communication styles
  • Learning the right type of communication style for the occasion
  • Creating Win-Win situations through effective communication
  • Resolving conflict internally and externally
  • Building and sustaining relationships at work and with your customers

Who Should Attend

This workshop is open for any executives and/or employees who would like to develop strong communications and building a successful professional relationship at work.

Your Benefits

  • To identify and introduce what constitutes Effective Communication
  • To assess individual’s own communication style
  • Addressing the needs of situations
  • Developing a stronger adversity quotient
  • Building networking skills
  • To learn the techniques to help maintain equilibrium create constructive solutions through effective communication
  • Mapping out an individual communication plan
  • Understanding the impact of communication skills on organization effectiveness

Program Outline

Definition of
  • Verbal and body language
  • The importance of effective communication
Communication Styles
  • Which style is most effective for your job
  • Practicing styles you are less comfortable with
Communication Process
  • Various components of a message
  • Understanding the communication process
Effective Message Delivery
  • Becoming an effective deliverer and receiver
  • Ensuring that your intent is the same as that which is received.
Communication Tools
  • Learning how to communicate effectively using modern technology
  • The right etiquette to use in various situations
  • Written messages
Delivering Negative Messages
  • Types of negative messages
  • How to deliver negative or sensitive messages professionally
  • How to structure negative messages
Communication for Conflict Resolution
  • Accepting and appreciating healthy conflict
  • Creating win-win solutions with clients and colleagues
  • Handling conflict at work in a tactful and constructive manner
Communication and Relationship Management
  • Forming strong bonds with clients and co-workers
  • Creating a healthy and conducive environment at work

Training Methodology

  1. Interactive session with the Trainer
  2. Mini Lectures and Role Plays to bring out the learning lessons
  3. Demonstration by the Trainer to break down communication barriers
  4. Case Studies Highlighted

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