Strengthening the Organization’s Image and Bonding with the Public

Learn how to strengthen your organization’s image & bonding with the public to advance the work of the organization.

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Training for Public Relationship Managers

All great achievements begin with an idea. In the life of a successful organization, everyone involved must be clear about the organization’s mission, which is the central idea of the organization. If the mission is clear, one can set measurable goals and establish a strategy for achieving results, lobbying and volunteering development for the organization, as well as in advancing the work of the organization.

It’s the public relations officer’s or PR chair’s job to remind the organization of its loftier mission, to congratulate achievement in all its forms and to help keep the channels of communication open. This is done with publications such as newsletters, with media publicity and with events that engage the imagination of members and the general public.

This training workshop will study the seven modules and its applications below and determine its specific requirements for a public relations officer in the organization 

Training Program

Module One: Introduction to Public Relations Tools and Practices

  • What does Public Relations means to you?
  • Getting to Know the Public’s perception of your organization
  • Tools and Practices to build relationship with the Public

Module Two: Internal Public Relations-Strengthening the Organization

  • Who Are the Internal Customers?
  • Organization’s Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • Building Rapport with different levels of the management team

Module Three: Establishing Your Attitude

  • Appearance Counts!
  • The Power of a Smile
  • Staying Energized
  • Staying Positive

Module Four: External Public Relations-Building the Organization

  • Planning and Executing Various Public Relationship campaigns
  • Planning a Public Event/Workshop/Seminar
  • Planning and Presenting an Audio Visual Presentation about the Organization
  • Techniques to Write a News Release
  • Planning, Designing and Writing a Brochure

Module Five: Media Relations-Getting Good Publicity and Declining Bad Publicity

  • Building Rapport with the Media and Gaining Good Publicity
  • Addressing Complaints promptly and tactfully
  • Turning Difficult People Around and Win Them Over
  • Cultivating a “Feel Good Factor” with the Media

Module Six: Building Strategic Alliances with Partners

  • Who are your strategic partners?
  • Building Rapport with your strategic partners
  • Planning a Joint Exercise and or Project with your strategic partners
  • Exercise Optimism with your strategic partners

Module Seven: Communications Planning: Research and Evaluation

  • Understanding the Competitive Advantages of Competitors in Media Relations
  • Researching, Executing & Evaluating a Public Relations Campaign
  • Understanding Today’s Business Environment and Competition
  • Executing an Organization’s Marketing Initiatives and Creating Brand Awareness in the Business Markets

Module Eight: Wrapping Up

  • Reflections and Insights on the Seven Modules and its Applications
  • Mini Project Work for Participants to bring out the learning lessons
  • Trainer’s Evaluation and Feedback

Training Methodology

  1. Demonstration by the Trainer on the various techniques to build rapport with the public
  2. Techniques to Break Barriers in Effective Communications using the Johari Window Model
  3. Role Plays and Group Dynamics
  4. Exercises on Active Listening and Writing Skills
  5. Project Work done by the participants to acquire the knowledge and techniques to become an effective public relations officer

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