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Excel Excellence International TrainingBarack Obama, John F Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Lee Kuan Yew… there goes the endless list of successful leaders who are or have been outstanding speakers!

In our everyday life, excellent and captivating speeches help to carry the message we wish to make better. Great speakers and leaders are those who command the attention of their audience and effectively convey their views and opinions.

Learn the secrets that great speakers such as American President, Barack Obama, have mastered to communicate with power in our “Communicating with Power and Panache” program. This is a comprehensive program that has been developed to help students raise their level of proficiency in public speaking.

In this workshop, participants can expect to go through a series of training ranging from the development of self-confidence, the mastery of tonality and body language, the ability to speak with panache and power, rhetorical speaking etc.

At the end of the workshop, each student will also be given an opportunity to prepare and present a 5-10 minutes’ speech in front of a live audience. After which, they should be able to speak both with confidence and competence!

Who should attend: Principals, teachers, supporting administrative staffs & students.

Jacky Lim in a NLP TrainingDespite living in a highly and increasingly intellectual environment, the majority of the population today is truly living in a mental prison! Interestingly, this prison doesn’t even have any walls and security guards. Yet what is preventing them from escaping?

Everyone came into this world with a birthright. Every student is a star born to shine. Being successful in life is not a question of whether they deserve it, but it’s whether they accept it or not!

Whether it’s the ability to pass the exams with flying colors or to achieve success in any endeavors of their life, we must first help our children reclaim that right to win in life. This requires them to follow those proven steps and master those necessary tools in order to make that quantum leap in life, thereby realizing their innate potential as stars born to shine!

Coaching the ParticipantsFinancial literacy is one of the life skills, which will have a lasting impact throughout a person’s life.

Developing life skills through a holistic education is essential to prepare our children for the challenges of a constantly changing socio-economical environment. It is crucial for the children to learn about financial literacy from young and instills in them the right value and skills need to manage their finances and avoid overspending.

Programs for Business Professionals

Excellence Edge Intl WorkshopOne of the major challenges that most companies and organizations have, usually revolves around the way in which we communicate with one another.

The success of every enterprise is influenced by the manner and effectiveness of organizational communication. Unless the personnel understand what they are supposed to do and the parameters within which goals are to be attained, overall efficiency and effectiveness suffer.

Excellence Edge NetworkingProviding good customer service is vital to enhance the image and reputation of your company.

It reflects on your organization as a whole and how the organization functions and operates is dependent heavily on employees being nurtured to communicate effectively with clients, providing a level of satisfaction that pleases the clients and in return the organization reaps the benefits through referrals, recommendations and repeated business.

Magnetic Selling WorkshopSales people are the life blood of any company, and the one thing that every sales person needs is to master salesmanship.

This is a program designed to achieve your organizational goals, by giving your sales team an extra ordinary competitive advantage. It moves them away from the traditional sales approach, to a new level of sales artistry and mastery.

By studying those patterns of excellence, participants will then be able to develop a deeper understanding of the human thinking processes, which underpins human communication and sales.

Business Etiquette Workshop by Excellence Edge IntlHow we project and conduct ourselves tells a lot about our character and attitude. Our image, our communication, our body language tells us about ourselves and how people perceive us to be.

In a time where market conditions are volatile, companies are in the process of having their employees trained so that they will be better equipped to handle tasks that were once beyond them. One of their tasks is to elevate their professionalism and offer them a glimpse of how business is conducted day to day with their clients and employees.

Improving People Skills WorkshopMost organizations excel in training their managers and employees in on-the-job skills, but completely overlook interpersonal skills training. Yet, the way your managers and employees communicate can dramatically influence morale, teamwork, work productivity, employee retention, customer relations and your bottom line.

Thus it’s time that organizations start investing their employees and workers in the areas of developing more empowering and effective communication and interpersonal skills, since no other single investment is likely to give you the kind of ROI you’ll receive from training your people in the following area.

Personal Transformation Programs

The Great Awakening - Silver LiningHave you ever felt a sense of emptiness or lack of fulfillment in your life?

Have you ever encountered a situation whereby you achieved something that you thought would have brought you the happiness that you desire, but ended up wondering: Is that all there is?

Despite living in a highly and increasingly intellectual environment, the majority of the population today is truly living in a mental prison! Interestingly, this prison doesn’t even have any walls and security guards. Yet what is holding many of us back from escaping?

Discover the secrets of achieving true success in your life by realizing the “Great Awakening” in you.

Public Speaking Course for IndividualsHave you ever wondered what is causing your fear in public speaking? Have you ever bored your audience to death while giving a speech? Have you ever aspired to speak and communicate as effectively as Barack Obama?

If your answer is a resounding “Yes” for the above, this 3 days workshop will be what you are looking for.

Learn the secrets of turning your fear of public speaking into power, while you hone your abilities to communicate with others more effectively behind the lectern and on the stage.

Effective People Management ProgramHave you wondered why some people seem to get along better with others?

Have you ever wanted to be able to command the respect of the team and to communicate better as a leader?

In fact, most people are already employing a lot of people skills. The challenge is that sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. This is because they are employing the skills unconsciously.

With proper training and the acquisition of the right knowledge, you will be able to gain clarity as to what these “strategies” are. With our many exercises and games, you will be able to experience “deep learning” and embed these skills and knowledge; making them an integral part of your life.

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